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One of the questions we’re asked the most here at MexLucky is “What is the cost of building a duplex?”.

Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer to that question as the cost of building a duplex in Sydney will vary considerably, depending on several factors.

These main factors include your location, the individual characteristics of your land, the design of your new duplex, and other expenses such as building materials, required permits and construction costs.

Below, we discuss these different elements in detail, looking at what factors will affect the price of your duplex and discuss the best way to get the most value out of your investment and your block.

Your Location

If you’re thinking about building a duplex on land you already own, congratulations! You’re already at quite an advantage. However, if you still need to buy the land on which to build the duplex, you’ll need to factor land costs into your budget.

As with most real estate, location is paramount. Expect to pay more for land in Sydney’s high demand areas – including land that’s close to CBDs and beaches, land that’s in catchment for great schools and land that’s close to public transport and infrastructure.

You’ll also need to make sure your location allows for the approvals and permits your local council will require before you can build a duplex.

 If you already have a house on an existing block, don’t forget to factor in the demolition costs to knock down the existing property.

If you’re looking at land to build your duplex, consider a MexLucky’ Feasibility Check first.  With a MexLucky’ Feasibility Check, we’ll visit your land to ensure it’s large enough to build a duplex on and will advise on your council’s duplex approval requirements. We’ll also look at prices of duplexes on comparable streets and suburbs in your local area to make sure your design and budget works best in your area with minimal risk of over capitalising.

If you already own land, we can still conduct a Feasibility Check for your duplex development! Simply get in touch and arrange for one of our friendly consultants to visit your site.

Site Attributes

The cost to build a new duplex will also be affected by the physical qualities of the site itself. Expect your duplex cost to be affected by:

The Size of the Land

Generally, the size of the land will greatly influence your duplex designs, and the cost to build a duplex!

The Fall of the Land

Sloping blocks are notorious for adding additional costs onto the cost of building a duplex. In fact, many builders shy away from the challenge! Our team is highly experienced at building duplexes on sloping blocks and would be happy to chat with you about it.

The Need for Rock Removal and/or Retaining Walls

These factors will also increase your duplex construction cost. Our team can talk to you about the average costs of these factors and look at options on how you can save money.

The Quality of the Soil

Even the quality of your soil can affect the final cost to build a duplex.

To help minimise stress, get in touch with MexLucky first so we can undertake a site visit.  It’s the best way to prevent budget surprises when planning to build a duplex.

Your house design

Depending on what you want included in your duplex project, the design of it will also affect its final price.  Designs covers an array of factors including:

The size of the duplex

As with most home builds, the larger the duplex, the more money you’ll need to budget. You can bring this cost down by opting for a smaller duplex instead.

Construction materials used in the duplex construction

Every material, from the frame to the roof, will affect your total cost.

The finishes you choose for the home

These cover everything from paint work, the kitchen, benchtops, tiles and appliances.

Other discretionary add-ons

Including fencing, landscaping and pools

When designing your duplex project, it’s important to decide how you will use the duplex. For example, will you:

· Live on one block and sell the other?

· Live in one home and rent the other as an investment property?

·Sell two units?

·Rent both duplex homes?

You’ll also need to ask yourself: Do you want low maintenance costs? A high rental yield? To create equity?

Everyone has a different reason to build a duplex. By having a good understanding of what you want your duplex for, you’ll be in the best position to create the most cost-effective duplex design. Discuss what you want from your duplex with the team at MexLucky. We can talk you through the various building costs and ensure your design will work for your individual needs. 

You can check out some of our previous duplex designs here!

Other Associated Costs

Finally, there’ll also be a raft of other associated costs you’ll need to factor into your cost to build a duplex. These include permits for local councils, future land tax costs, development application costs, water, gas, electricity and other approvals and certifications. 

If you’re thinking of building a duplex in Sydney, make your first stop a visit to MexLucky.  As a highly experienced duplex builder, we will work with you to ensure you build a duplex that works with your budget…. One that will not only look fantastic but will maximise your investment return.

Contact the team today!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of building a duplex?

The cost of building duplexes will vary, depending on factors that include its location, land, design, construction materials and permits.

How do I know what duplex design will work best for me?

Everyone has a different reason to build a duplex. By having a good understanding of what you want your duplex for, you’ll be in the best position to design the best duplex homes for you and your family. Factors such as whether you’ll live in one and sell the other, live in one and rent the other, sell both or rent both will all be things that need to be considered when designing your duplex.

How do I know if my council will approve a duplex on my land?

If you’re unsure of your local council zoning, contact MexLucky for a Feasibility Check. Having worked in most council area in Sydney, we have a fair idea of which councils allow for duplexes, and which don’t.

How do I know if my land is big enough for a duplex?

Not every block of land is suitable for a duplex development. If you’re not sure whether your land is big enough, contact MexLucky. We can undertake a site visit and can talk you through your options.

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